In his various capacities in promoting taijiquan & qigong Ronnie has travelled extensively, taking images for magazines, websites for personal interest. He has over 5,000 images hosted on his Flickr pages - here you can see a selection of them. Click on the Flickr link if you’re interested in delving further.

helmut065RJ-3050AquaVenice 2010-340Lalita-B01cal-2
046AquaVenice 2010-325Lalita17Jud023china-2AquaVenice 2010-311
013china010IMG_8787paris qigongChina 2010 Day-1047Interviewing Katy Cheng
IMG_8754TCFE-3sam-me013judge-3paris qigongtai chi caledonia
paris qigongparis qigongBalarnack classLalita02Paris qigong-145Paris qigong-17Lalita14
STN Taiji Festival 2009Aquavenice 2009 -1Recontres Jasnieres 2009 - 1Lalita07Lalita-B05Recontres Jasnieres 2008-4Lalita11
IMG_8304Lalita03AquaVenice 2010-222AquaVenice 2010-346Recontres Jasnieres 2008 - Elsesnake creeps downLive Beter Tai Chi Book photoshop -1
Tai Chi Caledonia 2007Aquavenice 2007 -80419081AquaVenice 2010-230082
28China 2010 Day-1018IMG_8358AquaVenice 2010-241Lalita132103
049IMG_82930022812AquaVenice 2010-22006
0215088080074068China 2010 Day-1049
China 2010 Day-1040China 2010 Day-1002Lalita-C2Lalita-C1Lalita06