Instructor – Alison


I began studying Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung with John Johnston in January 1997.  Six months later, I joined a class taken by John’s teacher Ronnie Robinson and studied with both of them for several years.  I started working as a part-time Aromatherapist and Chi Kung instructor in 2000, becoming a Registered Instructor of the TCUGB in the Spring of 2002.

Through Ronnie’s fantastic annual event, T’ai Chi Caledonia, I have had the privilege of taking part in workshops taught by a number of inspiring T’ai Chi teachers including Anna Zwettler and Karin Amberger (Austria), Luigi Zanini, Mario Napoli and Franco Mescola (Italy), Laura Stone and Henk Janssen (Netherlands), Paul Silfverstråle (Sweden), Marianne Plouvier (France), Jan Silberstorff, Helmut Oberlack and Sonja Schillo (Germany) and Faye (Li) Yip, Dee Swift and Tina Faulkner (UK).

I practice Cheng Man-Ching Short Yang form, 18 Movement (Tai Chi) Chi Kung (Sets 1 and 3), Dayan Wild Goose Chi Kung (1st 64), and Sun Style Wushu Rainbow Fan Form.

I currently work full time for a charity and am not teaching.

What Alison may teach:
 Tai Chi Chi Kung 18 Movements and Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan).

I have found Tai Chi and Chi Kung to be very beneficial mentally and physically, both personally and for my students. These systems of exercise can aid relaxation, improve co-ordination and increase energy and self confidence. I also find it very heartening that Chi Kung, in particular, is accessible to people with limited mobility, whether through age, illness or disability. I have found both Tai Chi and Chi Kung to be potent antidotes to the stressful life most of us lead these days and would recommend them to anyone hoping to bring a bit of stability and tranquillity back into their lives.